katiedoesnothing: I just got the Game of the Year edition of Dishonored... I am so pumped. This is all your doing.




eh. im outta control ヽ( ´¬`)ノ

edit: okaY i really hope  it’s the last time im editing this lmao


Oh, Judas. That wound will take a long time to heal.

my Fugue Feast gift for scottishplayground

the prompt was “3. Billie finally meets the Outsider”!! i think it’s possible he tallked to her before the surge and have made snarky remarks about hurt and betrayal. 


commission for lovely outsidersblood. thank you very much!

Anonymous: could you draw Bigby Wolf? c:


best i can do for now. ill probably get around drawing some twau fanart after im done with the commissions \(;´□`)/


…………..commission………….for….. fukkafyla…………….

this is my life purpose i think



yaaah commissions time!!

types of commissions:

1. sketch; waist-up, up to 2 characters, shaded/one colour

2. lineart; fullbody, up to 2 characters

3. painting/illustration; fullbody, up to 2 characters

+ IF YOU WANT TO COMMISSION ME, please contact me at my email olaliro@hotmail.com (include the type of commission you want and the subject of it if possible)!

+  it’s not very likely that i refuse a commissioner, but i have the right to do it with any of requests. no nsfw, folks

+ please show me all the references you’ve got, anything you think might be helpful or what you’d like to be included in your commissiont (especially if its an oc!! tell me about their quirks and personalities and backstories!!)

+ payment in USD via paypal in advance! I start working only when i receive the payment. dont send me any money before you get my response, though!

+ be sure to check out my art blog for more examples!! I want you to know what you’re buying!! ;v;

(let’s be patient with each other! i’m ready to make everything clear to you so yeah don’t be afraid to ask)

so hello please buy my art!! (•̀o•́)ง

edit okay i adjusted the prices and also changed what what i offer a little. PLEASE ALWAYS REFER TO THE POST ON MY BLOG

yeah i hope this one is more clear. xoxoxo

posting this sketch separately because im  fond of it for some reason